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March is National Book Month … we have lots of activities planned …


 Library week … During this week as your child changes their book in our school lending library they will get a special sticker in their library record.

17th to 20th March  … During this week we are holding our ‘Sponsored story re-tell’.  Please use the sponsor form we send home to ask your friends and family to sponsor your child to do a sponsored story re-tell with their Key Person in school .  The money we raise will be used to buy new books for our school lending library … enhancing the book choices for the children. Thank you parents in advance for your support of this activity.

Tuesday 18th March ..Come to school dressed as a story book character … children and adults are invited to come to school dressed as a book character. Thank you parents in advance for your time and efforts in dressing your children up  for this special day.

24th – 27th March … This week we will be collecting the sponsor money from the story re-tell … We will post our grand total once the money has been collected and counted.



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